Alfredo Rivera Cerda

Alfredo is an integral part of our team here at Buena Agua. Alfredo is in charge of all logistical operations in Nicaragua. His role includes: procurement of materials, strategic operational planning, and logistics once the team is in-country.  Alfredo has lived in Nicaragua for most of his life and knows firsthand, the importance of clean water. Our mission would not be possible without the work that Alfredo does in Nicaragua.

Stephany Gardner

Stephany grew up and lived in Nicaragua before moving to the United States in 2013.  As she grew up without access to clean water, she also knows how crucial our mission is here at Buena Agua.  Stephany has been a wealth of information in these initial stages of the organization.  She has coordinated everything between the U.S. team and Alfredo and has facilitated much of the planning for the first trip.

Tim Vogel

Tim serves as Buena Agua's resident water expert.  Tim is a water system manager licensed through the state of Minnesota’s Department of Health and has 17 years of experience running a water treatment facility which provides 2.5 million gallons of fresh water per day to residential and industrial customers. Tim also has vast experience in laboratory testing of drinking water and the knowledge necessary to keep it safe. He understands the importance of clean, safe drinking water and the affects non-potable water can have concerning health issues and life sustainability. Tim believes that clean water should be available to everyone regardless of their circumstances or region. 

Laura Vogel

Laura has supported Buena Aqua from the very beginning through spreading our mission and assisting in fundraising efforts.  Most recently, Laura has expanded her role with the organization by assisting in areas of photography and graphic design.  Her background in psychology and photography assists in capturing the essence of Buena Agua's mission.  Laura plays an integral role in the organization by leading our social media efforts and promoting our cause.

Adam Gardner

Adam was one of the first to support the idea of Buena Agua and traveled to Nicaragua to help with the logistics of disseminating the filters in November of 2015.  Adam’s first experience in volunteering abroad came in 2009 when he volunteered in a remote village in Argentina with LIFE Argentina.  His experience in that village sparked a desire to help those who truly need it and Adam is excited to help the people of Nicaragua!